About Us
About Our Business

Hello, my name is Roger Nelson, local
owner/operator of Green Valley Canine.   I
am a certified dog trainer and a  member of
the International Association of Canine
Professionals.   Both myself and my wife,
Helaine, are AKC certified Canine Good
Citizen Evaluators.    

We believe that a successful relationship
between  a dog and their owner consists of
four main elements: exercise, leadership,
obedience training and socialization.  Our
training  incorporates all four of these
elements.  We use dog psychology and
positive reinforcement to promote a dog's
willingness to learn.  

We also conduct private and/or group
rattlesnake avoidance training sessions.   
Rattlesnakes are prevalent in Arizona and it is
important that your dog is trained to fear them.  

If you are interested in having your dog visit
residents in local nursing and assisted living
facilities, we partner with the Green Valley
Animal League to evaluate your dog's
temperament and conduct the Canine Good
Citizen Testing.
 In addition, we offer dog
walking and pet sitting services.  
Our Rattlesnake Avoidance
Clinics begin in early Spring
and continue until the snakes
start to hibernate.  Call (520)
399-1132 to reserve your
appointment  -- this short
training session can save your
dog's life and prevent costly
Vet bills.
Roger with Black Jack and Bliss -- our two
demo dogs and socialization experts.
After our sweet lap dog died, my husband and I decided we needed a
change and adopted a mixed breed dog we called Princess.  What we did
not know is that she was a runner, jumper and a "mighty hunter," making
her a real challenge for a couple advancing in years.  We were just about
ready to return her to the animal shelter when I decided to call Green Valley
Canine and ask for some serious training.  What we found out is that a
professional trainer and a loving dog (even though a high spirited one)
together can make a huge difference in behavior.  Roger Nelson is a
wonder!  In just three sessions, Roger was able to train Princess to
respond to basic commands.  I was also in training and I learned to remain
calm and assertive and Princess responded just like a champ.  I highly
recommend Roger Nelson.  He worked magic with Princess.  She is now a
happy member of our family and just a few months ago, we were ready to
give her up.  Great job Roger!!

Jane and Dave
Green Valley, AZ
Colorado River Toad Avoidance available
during Monsoon season.  Call for more info.