Rattlesnake Avoidance
Don't be a statistic!
Every dog owner who lives in rattlesnake country should be concerned for their dog's safety.

Rattlesnakes are found almost everywhere in Arizona and snake awareness is a necessity to protect
both you and your dog.  A rattlesnake in your yard presents a real danger to you and especially your
dog, as dogs tend to put their noses into everything. Until they are taught to avoid a rattlesnake, many
dogs have no fear of them.

A rattlesnake bite is painful and life threatening and can become every pet owner's nightmare.  The
emotional pain of seeing your dog suffer is heartbreaking and veterinary bills can be surprisingly high.

According to Dan Horton, DVM of San Cayetano Veterinary Hospital, "prevention is always preferable to
treatment and the most useful prevention appears to be training your dog to fear and avoid
Over the past 12 years we have trained
over 1,000 dogs in Rattlesnake Avoidance
We are always pleased when we hear a story about a client's dog coming across a rattlesnake, avoiding it and
alerting the owner to the snake's presence.  There is a great satisfaction when your dog pulls you away from a
rattler that you did not detect, but your dog did!  Our rattlesnake avoidance training is conducted in the privacy
of your dog's own environment, where most rattlesnake encounters occur.  We come to you.
Concentrating on sight, sound, and scent (the three
S's), we train your dog to engage all three senses to
detect and stay away from the rattlesnake.  We do
not use cages or rubber snakes.  Instead, we set up
two live Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes on your
property.  All safety precautions are taken and our
methods render the snakes harmless.  We take the
snakes back with us and leave you with a dog who
now considers a rattlesnake as something to be
avoided and feared.
Please call 520-399-1132 for more information and/or to set up an
in-home appointment.  We offer both individual and group rates.  
Thanks Roger, the snake training paid off.  About 8:30 one Saturday evening in September, I let my
two dogs, Bosco and Emily, outside to take care of business before they received their night-time
treat and went to the kennels for the night.

The pair had just gone out the door when they quickly turned and ran back inside.  I picked up a
flashlight and went out to see a rattlesnake had made its way inside our brick wall and was lying coiled
next to one of the bistro chairs.

Wow, the dogs had heard the rattle of the snake, smelled it, or both and knew exactly what to do.  I
called the Green Valley Fire Dept who came out to our house and retrieved the snake and took it

Knowing it was safe and the snake was gone, I tried to get Bosco and Emily to go back out but they
would have no part of it.  At least not that night.

Again, both Mary and I would like to thank you for the fine training you provide.  It really paid off for our
two dogs.

Mike H
Green Valley, A
I have been using Green Valley Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for my hunting dogs for close
to 9 years now.  Spending so much time in the field here training and hunting with my dogs it
makes sense to have the dogs trained to avoid snakes.  Roger and Gary do an excellent job
presenting real world scenarios to the dogs during the training. The training works!  Two of my
dogs have encountered snakes after receiving the training and they removed themselves from
the area where the snake was.  I highly recommend Green Valley Canine Snake Avoidance

Mike C.

Dog Trainer/Hunter
Green Valley, AZ
For more information about a book
by John C Murphy and Roger L
Nelson click below:
Dogs & Snakes:  Avoiding the Bite
Hello Roger, I just wanted to let you know that since my boy CJ has been through your
Snake Avoidance Training, he has alerted me to the presence of Rattlesnakes on 4 different
occasions - twice in our own yard, once in the FICO pecan orchard and once out in the
desert.  I have nothing but praise for your training methods and I can certainly attest that
it works.

Boyd G.
If you live in snake country, I implore you to get this training for your dog.  Nicki had on her
E-Collar, which delivers varying strengths of stimulation..uncomfortable, but harmless to the
dog.  Roger and his snake handler came over with two rattlesnakes - one was kept in a covered
bucket with holes in it and the other (with his mouth taped shut) was placed on the ground.  The
training involves three "S's":  Scent-Sight-Sound.

Roger had me have Nicki approach the bucket with the rattlesnake first...she went right to
it...curious girl...and sniffed it unafraid.  She received a stimulation from the E-collar as a
correction.  Then he had me walk away from the bucket a good 20 yards or so and turn around
and approach the snake on the ground.  I have to tell you...the snake was so still I thought it
was a rubber snake, but it wasn't, it was the Real Deal.  The second Nicki got within 3 ft of
the rattler, Roger gave her a "nick" from the e-collar...She had already started going for
it...the snake started rattling...but that one correction from the E-Collar immediately made
Nicki associate Snake = Bad.  After that, the handler moved the snake to a different location
closer to my house.  You wouldn't believe it!  The second we were within 20 ft of the thing,
Nicki yanked and pulled me forcefully from the creature!  We tried approaching it from 4
different directions in 4 different locations, and each time she picked up the scent...from quite
a distance...she immediately turned and pulled me in the opposite direction.  Wow!!

Such peace of mind!
Laura H.
June 2018